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House Painting Services

House Painting Services:

JWF & Clean Cut is your first choice for all your painting needs! With over 30 years experience in painting houses, we are highly skilled and know the ins and outs to painting your home. Due to so many years of experience we know what paints to use for each situation and only use the best paint and materials available.

Because of our skill, experience and passion for painting you can rest assured we will give you a finished product that is second to none!

We specialize in High End Custom Work!IMAG2347

House Painting Services:

  • ­ Interiors
  • ­ Exteriors
  • ­ Roofs
  • ­ Soffits/Facia
  • ­ Driveways
  • ­ Garage Floors
  • ­ Pool Decks
  • ­ Windows and Sliders

JWF & Clean Cut is your one stop shop for ALL of your painting needs. Done Right!

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Guaranteed Quality

Quality Guaranteed!
5 Year Warranty JWF & Clean Cut only use Sherwin Williams paint and products.5 Year Guarantee
We top coat your pool cage or screened lanai with "DTM" (Direct to Metal) paint which is top of the line and specifically designed for metal.

Signature Style

Over time JWF & Clean Cut have developed our own signature style prepping process which is at such a high standard and different from our competitors that it allows us to offer our customers a 5 year warranty on our paint!
This is why our finished product is head and shoulders above the competition and second to none!

Experience and Skill

JWF & Clean Cut have compiled an experienced team of vendors, supervision, labor and management along with a professional attitude to successfully engage and complete the cleaning, painting, rescreen and restoration needs on any size pool cage or screen enclosure.